LOCAL FOOD: Good, Clean, Fair

We created the Kumau Club so that we can sell

our food products directly to local families.

Since we have a limited supply, we believe this works

best for both our customers and for us.  

At this point we are pleased to offer an exceptional local meat product to the Members of our Kumau Club. Currently we offer grass fed-and-finished beef and occasionally lamb. We hope to make other special items

available in the future.

We know that there are many problems with our current commodity food supply system, and some of them have been well-documented. One of these is the importance of what goes into the food before it goes into our bodies. The presence of unwanted chemicals and residuals in our food didn't used to be something we worried about but now it is. It turns out that it does matter. Meat is one of the places in the food supply system where it matters a lot what the animals ate (or were given). In light of the general lack of transparency and trust in the system, we are working to create a healthy local alternative that is sustainable and available to the public. As a result, we have returned to basic principles in order to guide us in creating the best possible alternatives for healthy eating. In practice this amounts to creating relationships between producers and eaters on a local level.

We are members of the Slow Food  "glocal  movement," seeking to restore value to what we eat and essentially re-localize the food supply. We think sustainability means re-organizing our lives around our food communities. In the globalized commodity food system, we ve become focused around price alone, which has resulted in the consumption of a lot of  junk  of questionable nutritional value, and an epidemic of obesity and diabetes. Currently one third of the world s population has health issues related to digestion, which cannot be easily traced to any one product. The entire system is driven by a distant demand for profits, which too often comes at the expense of cleanliness and quality. For us, the most trustworthy solution lies in create thriving sustainable food communities every place people live.

Our basic principals include the following: we make animal welfare a priority, using the lowest-possible-stress practices, which includes using no chemicals, antibiotics or GMOs in their feed, utilizing minimal packaging, minimizing the distance to our customers and sharing equally in the animals for a reasonable price which remains lower than the comparable commodity-system products available locally.

By joining our Club, you become a co-producer in the process of making and consuming an extraordinary food product. By sharing ownership of the animals with our Members while they are still grazing in the field, we are partners in their healthy growth. When they are ready, each partner receives an equal share of the results. In order to comply with the law, you must sign our agreements and pay each share forward in order to be a Member.

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