Welcome to the Kumau Club's pasturelands, a.k.a.

Pu'u o Kumau Ranch

which consists of approximately 400 agricultural acres on the northern ridge of Kohala Mountain, between 1,800 and 2,100 feet in elevation. Pu uoKumau does not have access to county water but has a plentiful rain-catchment water supply.

As stewards of this precious place, we are working to

put this land to its highest and best agricultural use.

Because of the year-around grass supply, it is currently

being dedicated to providing excellent grazing for cattle.

Through our Kumau Club, we are able to sell limited

quantities of the resulting product to local customers,

as explained on this web site.

In addition, small sections of the property are fenced off

from the cattle for both current and future forestry

and agricultural purposes, including the

on-going restoration of native plants.

Help us all re-localize the food supply!

Mahalo for visiting.