With a Kumau Club membership, you buy our premium

clean beef while it is still grazing in the pasture!

Here is how it works:

Membership requires signing our agreements and a $300 deposit,

which purchases one eighth of a particular steer (one share equals approximately 60 pounds). The shares are made available at the rancher's discretion periodically during the following year. If that is not enough product, customers can buy more in $300 (~60#) increments.

At this time, our grass-finished product (1/8 share) is an approximately

50+ pound box of Kumau beef (50% mixed cuts, 50% hamburger),

cut, packaged and frozen (= approximately $5 a pound),

and must be picked up by the customer at the time it's ready.

We do not store shares or deliver our product.

30 or so days before the Pick-up period, you will be notified,

and then you need to prepare space in your freezer.  

Then you pick up your share when notified that it's ready.

By the time the pick-up is made, you need to pay for the share

by check, cash or credit card. This leaves your deposit in place

so you continue as a Member in the Kumau Club.

EXTRA: As a Member, you and your family will be invited to

our annual special event, the Kumau Club Members Barbeque.

NOTE: If you choose not to continue your Membership, then the original deposit is payment for your last beef delivery, and your membership in the Kumau Club is discontinued thereafter. If, on the other hand – for whatever reason – you receive no product within a year, you have the choice of having your deposit refunded or continuing as a Member.


Our price will be adjusted from time to time, based on market prices.

However, it should be stated that we are not competing with the retail commodity meat departments or similar, since they sell an entirely different product. Key differences include the fact that in this case you (the consumers) know the animal's history and diet. In addition, you have a relationship with us, the producers, which you would never have in the conventional food marketplace. In fact, we consider our Members

to be co-producers of our product.

The value of this arrangement is hard to measure, but it can be tasted in the superior quality of the Kumau Cattle Company's beef and lamb. We strive to deliver a superior locally raised food source that consistently meets or exceeds your expectations. We are proud to share our agricultural results by providing this extraordinary product to our community through the Kumau Club.