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The reason we do this is because we believe it is a better for the people and for the cows. This is a way for all of us to participate in our local food community, in order that all of us can enjoy this extraordinary product. Through the Kumau Club, you stop being just a consumer and join us as a coproducer of your food supply!

We can't do it without you. We need Members who understand the importance of what we are offering, and who can appreciate the artisan product that we produce. Kumau cattle live on Pu'uoKumau Ranch, where they drink rain water and eat grass their entire life, with little else besides sunshine. This is not commodity food – it is of better quality (stress-free), cleaner (grass only) and fairer (value+price) to all concerned than what you can buy in most stores. Because of this 100% grass-fed program, our animals are spared the chemicals and stress all too common in today's inspected food supply. We believe you can taste and feel the difference and our customers agree. If you eat meat, this gives you the opportunity to invest in the quality of your own food. So buy and eat some of our locally-grown natural beef!

There are several links below for more information, and we welcome any questions you may have. By making a deposit and signing our Agreements, you become a member of our Kumau Club, and you become a 1/8th owner of a particular cow, in an arrangement we are calling "cow-pooling." Members of our Club are eligible for one of several delivery options during the following year. If for whatever reason a customer does not receive any product at all, they can get their deposit back at the end of the year. If interested see our Product page and join the Club or, if we are fully subscribed, get on our mailing list for the future as we grow.

As we make more parts of the property agriculturally operational, we plan to grow or produce other food products, and we expect then to offer them first to our Club Members.


Here are some of the resources we

have found interesting on the subject:

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