The  Whales of the Land

We are ranchers, and animals are a major part of our life.

We are extremely vigilant about all our animals' welfare, and we work to provide them with an environment that is as stress-free as possible. We take care of many of our animals throughout their entire life cycle. Our cattle herd is mostly mother cows, many of whom are with us for years. We keep as many of their calves as our pasture will support, then we graze those steers up to the size and weight suitable for the Kumau Club.  

Here in Hawaii we are blessed with exceptional pastureland that gets frequent rain, which keeps the grass growing and green all year long. With such a healthy food supply, we can raise healthy calves who grow up into beautiful cows on grass alone. Our animals drink rain water and eat grass their entire lives, as they've evolved to do Mother Nature actually produces our product with these basic fundamental components. The final processing is done locally, and our priority is to cause minimal stress to the animal.

Healthy Grass = Healthy Cows